Thursday, May 26, 2011


So many cupcake prints.  Here's a little peek.

It's a monotype print with a 2-color screenprint over it.

Wee Houses

I made some tiny screenprinted paper houses.  They are printed inside and out, so you can peer through the windows to see inside.  They are colorful and cute.


Here's some weird screenprinted sewn dolls I've made over the last year or so.

This doll went with a paperdoll 2d print.

This is a doll I made of myself, a sort of creepy self-portrait.  There are speakers sewn inside, with a cord coming out of the back butt pocket.  It plugged into an IPOD shuffle that fit inside the pocket.  When played, the doll said popular phrases that I have been known to exert, such as, "Cupcakes! Kittens!  Whiskey!  Young Money!"  My old roommate Jeremy Smania actually did the voices in a disturbingly good representation of me.

This hairy man doll is really nice.  Based partially on my boyfriend, Rory Burgess.  Rory is cuter in real life, promise.

I made this doll the Freshman year of high school.  It's a voodoo doll that looks alarmingly like Danny Merrill, my friend from high school.

More dolls to come.

A book about food.

I made this food zine in the spring of 2010 for my art and design in contemporary society class.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Blog

Hi!  This is a new blog, first blog, brand new blog.

It is the summer before my Senior Thesis Year at PNCA in Portland, Oregon.